I have always been passionate about storytelling and I strongly believe interior design and styling should reflect your personal story.

My story is such. From a child to a budding young professional in New York, I had a love for “putting together the pretty things” from clothing to interiors. I spent a decade working in corporate merchandising with several iconic brands, and I had the honor and delight of fulfilling my passion for interior design by working for Pottery Barn Corporate, as a Director of Merchandising. For six years at Pottery Barn, I was inspired daily by moodboards, exceptionally talented designers/creatives, catalog photoshoots, interior design shows and vintage-hunting for product inspiration across the globe, all to beautifully design interiors.

‘Along Came Lennox’ was born upon the arrival of my firstborn, when I realized I wanted to leave corporate in order to do two things. First, spend more time with my daughter Lennox and get more balance in my life (Do you hear me mamas?). Second, to personally design and style for individuals experiencing their own ‘big life moments” rather than a glossy catalog. I’ve come to realize that for many people, designing spaces is not something they enjoy, have time for, believe they can afford or trust themselves to do alone. Which is why I do what I do. I love extrapolating a design vision, I live for interior design and styling, and I strongly believe in affordability of interior design and home decor….so here I am, chasing my passion, one home at a time.

I want to hear your story, your needs for your space, and design that into real life. My passion and portfolio of work ranges from curating complete home interiors to designing one-off nurseries. I’ve always been passionate about celebrating life’s moments at home and I want to help transform those moments for you into something spectacular.

I love what I do, and I can’t wait to hear your story. Let’s chat, and dream up something magical together.