Why use Along Came Lennox?

Beautiful x Practical: I take great pride in genuinely getting to know my clients, understanding their design vision vs. needs, and thus, toggling between aesthetically pleasing and functional. I am passionate about spaces that make our hearts swell with happiness, and strongly believe in the power of design to transform your life moment, without ignoring the fact that some furniture is simply not kid or dog friendly:).

Style: I am able to easily weave between design styles, not exclusively living in one aesthetic. I do not believe all client projects should get ‘one look’, rather each interior should reflect the souls that live there. I get to know my clients, see what they love and gravitate towards, and design for them and their home. Having a hard time articulating what you love? No need to worry, that is where I jump in to help. The real magic is my ability to listen, understand and create interiors that speaks to you and the bones of your home.

Transparency: I charge clients for my time only, instead of the traditional business model of a percentage of your total spend or by square footage. No brand kickbacks, which allows full transparency that I am shopping for the best product for you. I take great pride in my talent for identifying beautiful product across a wide variety of brands. I believe in gorgeous product at the right price, and curate a shopping product list for my clients based on their home and budget.

Convenience: I have the ability to work remotely based on a collaborative online design software system, accommodating even the most hectic of schedules! A client fills out a design questionnaire of their needs, photos of their space/dimensions and any aspirational images. If the client is local, I visit the site and discuss the project in person. We kick off the process with customized moodboards to align on the look & feel of your home. Next phase, I do the product sourcing, room dimension layout and accessory styling. Communication is continually dropped into the design software tool (by myself and my clients), to keep shared notes on product loves and swaps. I layer all proposed product together on one vision board to help my clients see their new space come to life, all before a single purchase.

Heart: Lastly, I have a passion and a talent for design and styling. I deeply care about making your space feel like you, reflect your story and create a space you are infinitely proud of.

What services do you offer?

Please see the ‘Services Available’ and drop me a line to explore more.

How Would I Get Started?

Reach out to me directly on the ‘Contact’ tab, or email me directly at AlongCameLennox@gmail.com.

What Are Your Fees?

As project needs and scope vary by each client, I offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs and design vision. I then come back with a proposed design package and pricing. See starting base rates on ‘Services Available’ tab.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Depending on the scope of the project and existing projects in play, select design proposals can be completed in four to six weeks.