Caroline D.

“Kara was a DREAM to work with. My husband and I bought our first home last year in San Francisco, and it was our first Christmas with our one-year-old in it. We were super excited about our first holiday season and wanted to go big and make the house feel truly festive, with classic and fun decor that would last for years and years to come. I worked with Kara from nuts to bolts on everything and she was incredible. She is very experienced and professional in her styling, design, and merchandising and it really shows. From mood boards to sending me detailed lists with links of what to buy, to the actual styling of all the merchandise, she made it super easy on me as a Mom to style my home. Her taste is effortlessly chic but she is also very flexible and perceptive about your aesthetic as well. She is also very smart about how to problem solve (hello – Christmas tree and baby!) and always makes sure everything is functional on top of being beautiful. Kara is awesome, super fun and warm, and I will for sure be working with her again on holiday styling (or honestly just any styling in general!). Thank you Kara!”